How to be a Teacher

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Preschool Teacher: 
An aspiring preschool teacher should have a certificate in teaching i.e. Montessori, ECCE, NTT or PPTTC.
Complete knowledge of curriculum to train the little ones.
Key Skills 
Humble nature, Love for kids, passion for teaching and taking care of small kids,  
patience, basic diploma and knowledge of curriculum for preschool.

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All the activities that help an aspiring teacher to gain knowledge to handle the little ones
Do volunteer work with small children
Start your summer club
Do part-time jobs.
Take kindergarten tutions
Start hobby classes for little kids
Keep abreast of news in child education.

Course can be done in 3 ways: 
Online Postal Correspondence Distance
Attend class- Attending class(once a week 3 hours any day)    
Academic prerequisites to enroll are Grade 10 (or equivalent) education.  
Duration is 1 year. 3 hours per week is all you need to devote to this course.    
The exam is assignment based, therefore you have to give it by email/post.    
Extension of 1 year is allowed if assignments are not completed by the scheduled date    
The certificate helps you to get a job internationally    
The Montessori programme is recognized internationally.    
As Montessori program is same all over the world.    
Fee can be paid in 2 installments 
Online & Postal course can be done anywhere in the world    
Start your own Kindergarten.   
Complete training is given to be able to teach  
Age 15 & above.   

Course Highlights
1. Flexible timing:
You can learn this course at any time that suits you between 10 am and 5 pm 
and the whole day or any time during the day.
Students from far off places like Thane, NaviMumbai, Chembur, Powai, 
Borivali, Kandivali can even sit for the whole day in the class so that their 
travelling expenditure and time will be saved.
Classes are being held on all months of the year

2. Qualitative teaching:
We teach you the complete course is taught with regular update and latest techniques.

3. Craft material included in this fee

4. Job placement is given

5.Utility for all:
Courses are useful to open your own school and become a fully trained teacher.